Foundation Waterproofing Materials


This is a method whereby you apply a protective membrane outside the foundation wall to prevent water from entering your basement interior. Foundation waterproofing helps to keep the interior area dry. If you fail to do this procedure, then water can enter easily via the cracks in your foundation wall. Nobody wants their flooded or leaky basements thus it is vital to take this preventive measure cautiously. Foundation waterproofing also helps to prevent the sump pump from mold damage and malfunctioning. Different basements have different conditions hence you need to hire a professional for the job.

Options you can use for waterproofing



Cement is a relatively cheap and readily available material that can be used for foundation waterproofing. It can easily be mixed and then applied using a brush. You can add the acrylic solution to cement to make it bond better, and create a stronger coating with the surface.

Rubber membrane

Use of rubber membrane is another eco-friendly and effective way of protecting your basemen t from leakages. This substance contains non-toxic compounds and does not cause any damage to the environment and surrounding property. It applies to both exterior and interior surfaces to stop moisture, water, and insects as well. It can be applied by spraying or painting.


Sticky and thick tar can be applied on the surface of your foundation to prevent water from entering your basement. Tar can be applied to the foundation in layers to help prevent the water from passing.


Bentonite is a material that is clay like that can absorb water. This material can make a permanent seal on your foundation. If it is mixed with butyl rubber, it forms a sheet that stops water from passing via cracks and walls. This material is non-toxic hence easy to use or apply to the foundation. Besides, it protects damages to your property.


foundationsleftsdvgfhgDuring excavation, a trench or drain is installed underground to help prevent water from getting into the basement. This method is very effective if done well.

You can do foundation waterproofing from either inside or outside. Depending on your requirement, you can choose either exterior or interior foundation waterproofing methods. Keeping your basement dry has been made easier today through waterproofing, sealants, and drainage. Whether your problem is a wet basement or flooding basement, investing in foundation waterproofing is worth while.