Considerations when hiring a cleaning service


With a busy schedule and other important things to do, it becomes a challenge to many people to incorporate the cleaning of their home and space in their daily routine. That is where one needs to consider the service of a cleaning service to take this load off their back. It is important that one carefully considers some factors before hiring such a service. If you need to hire a cleaning company below are some things that you need to consider.

Hiring a cleaning service

Determine your cleaning needs


It is important that one decides on what they need the cleaning company to do. Is one looking for a standard cleaning of mopping and dusting the home or do they want the company to do some thorough cleaning and scrubbing? Are there areas in the home that the cleaners need to focus on due to the nature of the space and maybe the stains that have accumulated. Do you have pets and there is pet hair that you need to be removed. Determining your needs will help one better communicate and set expectations for the cleaning service.

Where to look

It is said that word of mouth referrals are the most reliable for a person to get a good contact. Talking to people who have received such a service will help one get information of a good company that one can consider to hire. Secondly, searching online or via directories within one’s local area, for instance, Gold Coast cleaners will provide a list of companies that one can research to hire.

Check on qualification

Doing qualification checks allows one to establish if a company has what it takes to deliver the service. It is important to check if the company has a team that is trained and qualified to do the cleaning. They will be able to tackle different cleaning surface and fabrics and handle stains. The company also needs to have a criterion of doing background checks on their staff. This is because one will be allowing strangers to access their home and they need the assurance that their property will be safe.

The company should also have insurance and be bonded. This ensures that in the case of damages or injuries occurring while the work is being done the liability does not fall on the client. Finally, be sure to check on the reputation of the cleaning service. Positive feedback from past clients is a guarantee of quality work to be expected.


It is essential that one establishes who will provide the supplies that need to be used for the cleaning. Will the company come with their equipment or is the client expected to provide the cleaners? Secondly, find out about the cleaning product that are you do you also provide or does the company come with their detergents. Ask whether the detergents are environmentally friendly.

Cost of service

Lastly, request to have a written estimate of the cost to be paid. This will vary due to different factors like the size of the home, the frequency of visits and the service and job that one needs to be done. The cost could be at either an hourly rate or a per project rate. The cleaning service should send a team to assess the work that requires to be done and provide an estimate.